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On Wed, Jan 7, 2009 at 10:40 AM, Stewart Stansfield <> wrote:

> I had a similar interest a few months back, Peter, and I'm afraid I was
> similarly stumped. It's a prominent event woven into many histories,
> but largely left to the imagination.
> One quick note I will add: if you're interested in participants, many
> writers use this key event in the histories of the tribes they're
> interested in. Greg, in his descriptions of the powerful Colymar (also
> in KotS), has its king present at the battle. John, in his writings on
> the Far Place, has Tarful Darkshield, king of the Tovtaros, present.
> David and his fellow contributors on the Greydogs &c. (e.g. TotRM #18-
> 20) have Lornar, king of the Lismelder, present. I, interested in...
> ('Yes', sadly.)

Well, darned. I was afraid of that. I was imagining that almost all the Tribes of Sartar had some people at the battle, so it's pretty easy to put losses anywhere they are needed. I was kind of hoping for something on Moraides' troops and tactics (it seems like some of his experimental magical ideas might have had a hand in the victory, although the Philosophers don't even have a Wyter according to Tarsh in Flames...)

Peter Larsen

PS. I just realised that that should be "King of Sartar," not "King of Dragon Pass" in the original comment....

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