Re: Battle of Grizzly Peak

From: Stewart Stansfield <stu_stansfield_at_DQAVxVQkbQ5TFmuj-FQTD_6QE93NzoHZUzMHQiUOdPIky6mLIx-5JDh6nGFvV>
Date: Wed, 07 Jan 2009 19:36:33 -0000

> I was kind of hoping for something on
> Moraides' troops and tactics (it seems like some of his experimental
> magical ideas might have had a hand in the victory, although the
> Philosophers don't even have a Wyter according to Tarsh in Flames...)

All the Brothers Were Valiant:

I can't help on that I'm afraid, but--and apologies if you already had this--if you did want to flesh out the upper echelons of the Lunar-  command (which might influence troops present and tactics evinced), there is:

In addition to young Fazzur himself, his elder brother Farrad was present at the battle; as, quite probably, was Goslem, and maybe even Wassail, too. The article makes no mention of Vostor (daddy) being there, which one might expect it to do if he was present, especially considering that if he was not deceased or invalided it's distinctly possible that he held a (perhaps *the*) senior command under Moirades on the day. (Still, if no-one else presents themselves, it's always an option.)


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