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> Trolls didn't use sorcery until Arkat's time whereas they were
> raising zombies before then.

Agreed. But not 100% correct, in that sorcery was known to trolls beforehand, but not the "book sorcery" that is commonly recognized as such. And to repeat, probably not used by ZZ to make zombines.

> >While there are trolls that
> >use wizardry, I have had a hard time associating it with Zorak Zoran.
> Actually the connection is Arkat but since his worship is almost
> unknown in orthodox troll areas (such as Dagori Inkarth) that's why it
> seems so hard. But in Ralios where they worship Arkat the Troll,
> there are sorcerous trolls there.

The role of Arkat as introducer of sorcery is one significant aspect of the power in the world. In a sene, it is more like "Arkat taught them OUR sorcery" which is most offensive to humans.

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