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Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2009 22:20:26 +1300

At 01:22 a.m. 25/01/2009, you wrote:

>Trolls didn't use Western-influenced grimoires until Arkat's time.

On stylistic grounds, I really don't see Uz using grimoires. Speaking to the Darkness, immersion within it, building cursed artefacts and black temples, these are modes of magic better suited to the transmission of sorcerous knowledge among the Uz. Grimoires are silly little scraps of leather marked with stick figures that can only been seen with the aid of light. No true dark sorcerer would seriously consider their use in understanding the mysteries of the darkness.

>I'm pretty sure they - like everyone else - used some wizardry before

It depends. Maybe they were blind to it before and it was Arkat who showed them how to sense and use this strange magic. Uz are not humans with the ability to loot the refuse of the Elder Races for stuff they can use.

Another stylistic note - using wizardry conveys the impression of wearing pointed hats, waving wands and speaking Harry Potterese. This works for the Glorious Free West but once you start talking about sorcerors beyond, it sounds inappropriate and grates. For example, talking about Carmanian Viziers doing wizardry sounds just plain wrong. Ditto for the Brithini, the Mostali, the Vadeli, the Sorcerers of Pamaltela and the East. And so it should be for the Uz.

If we have to speak of the western magic of the Uz, then sorcery, witchcraft, the black arts, necromancy and demonology are far better terms to use because they convey colour that is appropriate to the darkness that is the worldview of
the Uz.

--Peter Metcalfe            

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