Re: Chaos Features Competition

From: Bruce Mason <mason.bruce_at_MhoLJU-wkCIW4_4AFsS24HeISGLaDkgP4F87a-83gNYfu4Ev-JXFoYTaljmOm0rz>
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2009 12:14:50 +0000

Interesting competition. I would go for things that feel oddly creepy and break the rules of the world in ways that make no sense.

Always appears closer to you than it actually is. Whenever you try to touch it you realise that it's too far away. If you turn around and it's behind you then *IT IS OMG BASICALLY BREATHING IN YOUR EAR* Possibly the most dangerous missile weapon user in the world...

This one's a complete steal... Can't move when anyone is looking at it however it can't be physically or magically harmed while anyone is looking at it. Add it to lightening fast speed for extra plagiaristic goodness :)

It is your child. Everyone else who can see it knows exactly what it is but to you it is your child. You carry it with you, suckle it (regardless of whether or not your female) you love it and care for it and can bear to see no harm come to it. When you finally die, worn out and shrivelled, it will be someone else's child.

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