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>Ah, the Desoro who worshipped Baraku. Are they still around? RM.38
>says "they were all killed in the battle" (of course that's likely an
>exaggeration -- still, there's no later mention of them that I can

IMO they are extinct as the Durevings, the Tadeniti and the Helerings. That is, as a distinct people the Desoro do not exist but their practices still survive
as occupations within related tribes.

>Desoro is King of the Animals, in particular cattle. He certainly
>could be Uroxi, but he could be practically any Orlanthi who led his
>people down the Spike.

Except that Orlanth did not lead cattle down from the spike. There are three lands between the Spike (specifically Dini valley) and Kerofin - Mavorela, Envorela and Kethaela.

Nothing is known about Mavorela (apart from the mention of "razing grounds" {sic} on Thunder Rebels p144), the Barntarings and the Durevings originated in Envorela while Kethaela was home to the pre-existing Earth People. The Durevings (Thunder Rebels p143) are specifically noted as living in wood cabins rather than being nomads following herds of animals while the Barntarings worked the plow.

Therefore in my opinion, Desoro fits Storm Bull/Urox better than he does any other son of Umath.

>IMG the Ralian Uroxi are in demand for their anti-Chaos powers,
>because Dorastor is only newly-awakened, and no one else has useful
>magic (well, the Uroxi near Snakepipe Hollow do, but they're part of
>the EWF and thus not available). I extrapolated in part because
>Alakoring isn't described as having special problems with the Chaos
>eruption that greeted him after he flew to Talastar and Aggar.

IMO Uroxi in distant regions can worship the Eternal Battle for fighting chaos but it is harder for them. If your game is set in the Imperial Age, the Borists are around and only too pleased to help while Alakoring mysteriously has no conflicts with the much closer God Learners.

I note that History of the Heortling Peoples mentions "Orlanth the Law" p46 and "Alakoringite Magicians" p75. The earlier may be a thinko for Orlanth Rex but the latter hints at something mysterious.

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