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>To me the Eternal Battle is the equivalent of Kerofin, something
>which is part of local storm bully worship but is absent from storm bully
>worship further afield (the Pentan South Rage Wind, the Uroxi in
>Fronela and perhaps Ralios, and lastly the Desoro of Pamaltela).

Ah, the Desoro who worshipped Baraku. Are they still around? RM.38 says "they were all killed in the battle" (of course that's likely an exaggeration -- still, there's no later mention of them that I can find).

Desoro is King of the Animals, in particular cattle. He certainly could be Uroxi, but he could be practically any Orlanthi who led his people down the Spike.

(Greg, do you remember any of this?)

>Uroxi of these places have berserker powers but lack the special
>anti-chaos power of the Storm Bullies in Sartar and Prax.

IMG the Ralian Uroxi are in demand for their anti-Chaos powers, because Dorastor is only newly-awakened, and no one else has useful magic (well, the Uroxi near Snakepipe Hollow do, but they're part of the EWF and thus not available). I extrapolated in part because Alakoring isn't described as having special problems with the Chaos eruption that greeted him after he flew to Talastar and Aggar.

But I'm sure their worship has a different focus than the Dragon Pass Uroxi.


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