Re: How powerful are City gods, Tribal spirits, petty gods...

From: Gianfranco Geroldi <giangero_at_t2uPWir70XepPezpn_1e8GTdR72jd_BF6H3-35AOgHpaCbraKdgfwtR5HsNGTUaj5qI>
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2009 15:27:45 -0000

IMG and IMStory, Than Ulbar has a powerful (six mastery or more) guardian.
The Wall outside is part of it: it is made of millions of skulls, about half filled with mad head ghosts.
Defense and Awareness issues are pretty much covered by the five mastery barrier of thanatari skulls-ghosts. Other defenses are managed by demons and magics and barriers inside the walls.
The blessing part of it is that which sustains mr. Xsa Glut himsef. I mean, you need not to abstract the power of the 'city go' as a single manifestation of magical power. You could (I did) break it up in several different phenomena, which the heroes have to overcome one after the other. And those powers, unless the city is without a leadership, are directed by the Ruler or Rulers of the city. So they are changeable, up to a certain grade.
I doubt ancient and powerful cities, like Old Pavis against Jaldon or Furthest against Argrath or Than Ulbar against the Clessidrans, have three static powers with high numbers. There must be a grade of flexibility, managed by the inside City God Cult or Government. Else any Gloranthan City would fall after the first or second failed (and improvised) siege, because its Guardian is static and the Conquerors are not, by definition.


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