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From: John Machin <orichalka_at_O5IfrBS-Hf977BjDVbfANOrgunn963wUW3mLNom6677NnW2jpbrFffokiX61-tF_Dy>
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2009 11:05:59 +1100

2009/2/20 Gianfranco Geroldi <>:
> I doubt ancient and powerful cities, like Old Pavis against Jaldon
> or Furthest against Argrath or Than Ulbar against the Clessidrans,
> have three static powers with high numbers. There must be a grade of
> flexibility, managed by the inside City God Cult or Government.
> Else any Gloranthan City would fall after the first or second failed
> (and improvised) siege, because its Guardian is static and the
> Conquerors are not, by definition.

Heroes can quest to add powers to the Guardian in the rules and I rather suspect this is a lot easier to get community support for than questing for powers for yourself! Ancient and powerful guardians with generations of heroic supporters might gather quite a bag of tricks!

The guardian may be static (like the physical walls?) but the Defenders are Heroes in their own rights too. If a city lacks Heroic Defenders then it probably deserves (in terms of narrative) to be sacked!

Elric seems to spend a fair bit of time rushing about defending (or destroying) various cities in his stories. It's not Tanelorn's mystical nature or powers that save it, but the actions of Heroes inspired by these powers.

We might say, the Heroes who have been Augmented by these powers.

John Machin
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