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How about the enemy priests have called their goddess' presence into a huge statue to preside over a dastardly ceremony they want to perform. They want to summon a particularly dangerous demon into the world to wreak havoc over the good folks of Pavis.

So, the heroes come into the scene when the enemies are nearly at the end of their first phase of the ceremony, just before the goddess incarnates into the statue (you could make the statue out of something interesting or something gravely disgusting). They could fight minions and then priests and then just when they think they've won the huge statue comes alive and joins the fray.

The sting in the tail is that some of the priests still manage to summon the demon; you could time this for when the heroes have nearly dealt with the statue - just when they think it's all over, it gets worse!

I wouldn't worry too much about using a documented Gloranthan religion - use aspects of some of the nastier lunar ones with a bit of demonology/chaos worship thrown in.

As far as stats go: try to base your enemies' numbers on the augmented abilities of the heroes. Imo

That help?

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Hi guys,

I want to include some kind of Shiva-like character (see the image) for my group to battle in the last part of the campaign, a real bad-ass character with sextuple wield that can parry, attack, use Magic, etc. And a retinue.

Can you help me with ideas / stats? I'd like to give it some Religious backgroud in Glorantha. Also help with the retinue would be much appreciated (e.g. a couple of priests and dozens of servants but I've used broos and the like too much to include them). The campaign is in Pavis & Big Rubble, but they can move up North if necessary.

BTW, the group includes:
- a Babeester Gor priestess

Thanks in advance!


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