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From: PF Hegoburu <pfhegoburu_at_ckP9vre6_foMQyfd_sS69tfBMKuPrRsdGqqyiJ-FNDE0MW9DwDWBmyQNiseV9f34V>
Date: Sun, 22 Mar 2009 15:41:51 -0300

Hi guys,

I want to include some kind of Shiva-like character (see the image) for my group to battle in the last part of the campaign, a real bad-ass character with sextuple wield that can parry, attack, use Magic, etc. And a retinue.

Can you help me with ideas / stats? I'd like to give it some Religious backgroud in Glorantha. Also help with the retinue would be much appreciated (e.g. a couple of priests and dozens of servants but I've used broos and the like too much to include them). The campaign is in Pavis & Big Rubble, but they can move up North if necessary.

BTW, the group includes:
- a Babeester Gor priestess

Thanks in advance!


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