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Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2009 23:07:05 -0000

FWIW and YGohV

Humaky and Zorak Zoran are written as enemy religions; the two characters are both Rune Lords which makes them the epitome of their gods' worshippers. I'd really like to hear what power is keeping them from tearing each other up!

If I was the narrator of this series I'd have spirits of reprisal attacking them at every major turn and would be increasing the power of those spirits after each go. Even if two religious zealots put aside their ancient enmity there will be many who won't see it that way - including their very gods.

This all said, I have read at least one documented precedent for enemy religions cooperating. This is to destroy a temply to Thanatar. I'll link to online Thanatar resources in a separate post - for some reason when I post links they come through after a long delay. Sheesh!

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On Tue, Mar 24, 2009 at 1:19 PM, PF Hegoburu <> wrote:
>> > BTW, the group includes:
>> > - a Babeester Gor priestess
>> > - a Zorak Zoran Death Lord
>> > - a Humakt Sword and his padawan close to achieving the Sword status
>> > - a Storm Bull Storm Khan
>> > - a Sorcery Initiate
>> > - (possibly) a Shaman
>> Wow! That's quite a mix.
>> This lot talks to eachother?
>>>Well, there's no automatic violent antipathy (the sorcerer and the
> shaman would be damn close tho')... So pretty much a mixed >>mercenary
> team....
> The Humakti and the Zorak Zorani (there used to be two trolls) have a
> truce: the ZZ don't create skeleton or zombies, so the Humakti don't
> have to kill them... :-)
> The whole group is very focused on battling Chaos, that's what unites
> them. Oh, and loot. :-))

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