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From: PF Hegoburu <pfhegoburu_at_rbh22rN_2OIeNxM1hYuNLHCdIq1ZpPm25osmhgUJMunm8Y_6REAfihhgSeZt8r_FQ>
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2009 13:05:58 -0300

Hi everyone!

many many thanks for all the ideas! :-)

You've given me so many good ideas and advice that I will now create a small campaign to include everything and not one scenario as I had previously planned. Something that begins with some investigating in Pavis that leads to a huge battle when the Statue comes to life! :-)

For example, the players would have to solve the mystery around the deaths of several high Priests, whose corpses appear with missing body limbs: the cult behind the deaths are harvesting body limbs to create a gruesome statue, then the High Priestess of the cult (or a beautiful acolyte, maybe someone the players know!) sacrifices her head to give life to the Statue. Then the show begins. :-))

I'll need to find some reference to Yara Aranis and/or Cwim, I don't recall having found anything detailed about them in my reference books.

BTW, the image of the six-armed goddess is located here:

(It's a Hero card in the World of Warcraft card game).

Thanks again!


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