The thing with goats

From: Richard Crawley <richard.crawley5_at_GcXw2SozqPPBBBcfUqukK03yNQYNuGz8eg5Mf85sBf4LR6-cD7HC37oBeqU>
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 2009 09:43:19 +0100

Broo tend to look like the creatures they are born from.

Most Broo look like goats (RQ2 gives "Goatkin" as an alternative name)

Most Sartarite tribes tend to shy away from goats because of the Broo associations. To the extent that the Balkoth are forced by the Lunars to keep goats as a punishment (HiG2).

Dara Happans don't eat goat meat (DHS) because of the Broo associations.

So where are all these effing goat-like Broo coming from? Is there a massive population of wild goats right across Genertela that forms a Broo breeding reservoir? Is so why doesn't some enterprising Storm Bull / Urox / other chaos-hating cult Hero get out there and preach caprine genocide?


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