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Date: Sun, 12 Apr 2009 16:29:25 -0000

Well i re-read this article that I really love for describing so well the complexity, originality and deepness of gloranthan myths, but still I don't see your point.

Let's be clear, my proposal is just an hypothesis and I will not fight for it if a better one appears, anyway...

  1. Hunshen are already included in orlanthi myths, for example when Sofal the Mother turtle lets Orlanth cross the western ocean on her back during the lightbringers' quest.
  2. Broos are everywhere and if we leave the orlantho-centric explanation, I will be curious for foreign variations. An hunshen one could then be: an hunshen goat-maiden was rapped by invading crazy stormy invaders and she and her sons turned evil after that...

To me the most questionable point is:

Where come the goat-like traits?

- From Ragnalar the goatkin/broo father? a storm goat god as we have his brother Urox, a storm bull god. Some texts seems to indicate that. Then broos are originated from Umath mating with some animal source.
- From Thed the goatkin/broo mother? Some texts indicate that too, then is the primal goatkin an full original race by itself or a mix of man and beast runes (like hunshen usually are)?
- Both? like two interpenetrating mythological universes, animist and theistic, something that didn't fit well together (who said one 'raped' the other?), something that happened everyday during the godwar?

Well I don't have firm answers, just questions. What we have is only orlanthi sources, naturally orientated. ;-)

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