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From: L C <lightcastle_at_fzAMrumz-33Ue4WAMreNFG5G_Ur8Sf9boqNcPhygba1lGohoP0xT3-RrtfjgtDQo>
Date: Wed, 06 May 2009 20:20:31 -0400

I certainly wouldn't treat it any differently. I'd apply the resistance that makes the most dramatic sense.
I haven't seen the Gloranthan magic rules but if they have fixed number resistances I will be ignoring them as silly. ^_^ LC

Tim Ellis wrote:

>Funny. I seem to recall that when some of us expressed reservations
about HQ2 doing away with
>fixed numbers in favour of relative resistances and the pass-fail
cycle, we were told we were failing
>to embrace the HQ2 paradigm. Why should my ability to initiate be
treated differently from my ability
>to scale the wall of the governors compound, sneak past the guard dog,
defeat the Humakti Initiate
>in single combat, persuade the maid not to raise the alarm, or impress
his daughter with my wit,
>charm and bravery in breaking in to deliver her a token of my love?


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