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>Funny. I seem to recall that when some of us expressed reservations
>about HQ2 doing away with fixed numbers in favour of relative
>resistances and the pass-fail cycle, we were told we were failing to
>embrace the HQ2 paradigm. Why should my ability to initiate be
>treated differently from my ability to scale the wall ...

Because as several of us have said: it is not a contest. It may be important to a player -- it may even get screen time. But it's not a dramatic decision point.

If for some reason you choose to make initiation a contest, then the resistance (not your ability) would be determined by one of the usual methods.

To look at another way: the mastery rune indicates mastery over magic. At least in the sense that you can now use it differently.

Oh, I just remembered that my character once failed to become a devotee in HQ1. I can't say that failure was particularly interesting or led to new story choices. I just had to wait longer until my character could use interesting magic.

By contrast, attaining Rune Lord or Rune Priest in RQ2 was a big triumph. I had finally made it! But as I already said, this is really a meta-story, it's not part of the scenario.


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