Re: HQ2 and Sartar: two steps in the right direction

From: David Dunham <david_at_UXO8KpkJpdJ2YJ1WBr6yZ9zWRZAEHLDOQR17vSW9rKmD31FVScZ5lgj3gOmPlhBSIjOauQ>
Date: Tue, 2 Jun 2009 19:48:43 -0700


>it doesn't even have a pre-made character sheet

Character sheets tend to be campaign-specific. Although you happen to be commenting on HQ in a Glorantha forum, the game is in fact generic. So like Robin says, the standard character sheet is a blank sheet. (As indeed it was in HQ1.)

On the other hand, the sample characters show several ways you could organize a character sheet. Compare Dwayne-O (p. 16) with "The Job," "Doing Stuff," etc. and Nikolai Levshin (p. 17) with "Past" and "Present" and Rachel (p. 18) with "Traits" and "Knacks."

>Would you recommend it to an unexperienced GM: no!

That's in part what forums like the HeroQuest-rules group are for: to help people figure out how to use the rules in their game.


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