Re: HQ2 and Sartar: two steps in the right direction

From: Paolo Guccione <p.guccione_at_C5Y3OQWe93be3slJkSvxw8SmCdqCaTHZepsVDKBG3GSAWvT6-nkI60-wXh8A3jdSr>
Date: Wed, 03 Jun 2009 09:58:28 -0000

There is nothing wrong in this, of course. Most of us do not use official sheets any longer.

But this just confirms my overall comment: not for the inexperienced GM.

> >Would you recommend it to an unexperienced GM: no!
> That's in part what forums like the HeroQuest-rules group are for: to
> help people figure out how to use the rules in their game.

As above: a game where you need to go to a forum to figure out how to play it properly is not for beginners.            

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