Re: HQ2 and Sartar: two steps in the right direction

From: frank_rafaelsen <frank_rafaelsen_at_EiPD3px0mxYSjzslF1_8FqWsjPrY7kTklCM5lobmV8lL9I-2dnr3W96oxDHX>
Date: Fri, 05 Jun 2009 07:24:59 -0000

> > The west has been put on the back-burner far too often.
> And it's on the back-burner again - as, to be fair, it probably would have been anyway, since MD (perhaps understandably) want to get the Sartar, Pavis, etc. books out first.

*Sigh*. Man, you have my sympathies. You started working on these books, like 12 years ago, right? And I approve of the the need to do it right with the conversion and all.

But you are also too gracious: I actually don't think it is understandable. Publishing the Sartar book as a first setting is natural given the focus is has gotten over the last few editions (!), but then redoing Pavis at the expence of new material is just weird. I get the point about going back to roots and all, but the only people that will be nostalgic for Pavis are those who own two versions of the setting allready.

The secret about nostalgia trips is to do similar stuff in a different way. Heck, if we wanted to play in a rough and tumble city filled with ruins, intrigue and crazy people, why not Sog City? We'd get to play dirty again, but in a fresh locale. In a city every bit as interesting (I would of course say, even more interesting).

Anyway. I KNOW that this is flogging a dead horse. But then again, there is nothing more cathartic than a good flogging.

> Assuming there *is* a final version, of course.

Stop that. You are scaring me!

Anyway, I'll stick around waiting for your books to be published. The west needs more love.            

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