Delaying Malkioni books

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Date: Fri, 5 Jun 2009 09:59:56 +0200

Hello friends

>But you are also too gracious: I actually don't think it is understandable.
>Publishing the Sartar book as a first setting is natural given the focus is
>has gotten over the last few editions (!), but then redoing Pavis at the
>expence of new material is just weird. I get the point about going back
>to roots and all, but the only people that will be nostalgic for Pavis are
>those who own two versions of the setting allready.

I can fully understand it.
Doing books costs a lot of money, and when you get your money back by the sales of these great books, you have money again to make more books. But at first you have to make sure that the first bunch of books sell very well, so that there will be enaugh money to make the new books. Dragon Pass and Prax sell much better than other parts of Glorantha (belive me, i know what i am talking about... i can see it in the sales of Tradetalk magazine).
With about 4 to 6 books a year i say wholeheartly: Go with the books that most glorantha fans are interested in first, THEN move on to new territories, next year.

As far as i understood the plan there will be

- Sartar book
- Pavis book
- Whitewall book
- Prax book

THEN return to rewritten HQ1 manuscripts

And there is always Gregs own "The Great Argrath Campaign"... next year...

>The secret about nostalgia trips is to do similar stuff in a different way.
>if we wanted to play in a rough and tumble city filled with ruins, intrigue
>crazy people, why not Sog City? We'd get to play dirty again, but in a
>locale. In a city every bit as interesting (I would of course say, even

The authors continue to point out that the Pavis book will not only be a reprint of old information, but also a lot of new stuff... (and maybe a capmaign like in the Sartar book?).

>> Assuming there *is* a final version, of course.

>Stop that. You are scaring me!
>Anyway, I'll stick around waiting for your books to be published. The west
needs more love.

I agree to that.

I WANT to see the book about the West, Seshnela and Loskalm, as i do wan´t to see the book about Aldryami, the Oceans campaign etc. As long the books turn out to be as good as i think they will, i have no problem to wait one or two more years.

Looking forward to a bright gloranthan future (and i am not speaking about the 4th Age ;-) ).



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