Re: Delaying Malkioni books

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Date: Fri, 5 Jun 2009 20:52:30 +0200

I wrote:
>> Doing books costs a lot of money, and when you get your money back by the
>> sales of these great books, you have money again to make more books.
>> But at first you have to make sure that the first bunch of books sell
>> well, so that there will be enough money to make the new books.
>> Dragon Pass and Prax sell much better than other parts of Glorantha . . .

Chris Lemens answered:
>There are also some cross-overs between Sartar, Whitewall, Pavis, and Prax
that make it sensible to do them close >together in time, if only so that the authors and editors don't have to re-learn stuff to maintain consistency.

Sartarites are Heortlings, so are the people of Whitewall (Hendriki... Heortling... and the like).
Pavites are decendants of Sartarites and Praxians (among others). So this makes sense.
Pavis is surrounded by Praxians, so a Prax book also makes a lot of sense.

Grazelanders, Ethilrists band, Tarsh, and Beast Valley would be the next obvious ones to choose (start with Sartar and them describe the surrounding areas and cultures, and than the ones that surround them etc.).

At that point it COULD be a nice idea to open a second front (from where they also could go exploring the neightboring areas and cultures). Obviously it would be a good idea to make this second starting area further away, than say The Lunar Empire or Kethaela. Kralorela or Seshnela would be a good choice.
And since Moon Design has already three manuscripts about Malkioni lands in hand, that could be a good idea to go with.

But thats all only in my humble opinion.

Whatever the official line will do: The future for Glorantha seems to become a great one!



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