Re: Delaying Malkioni books

From: frank_rafaelsen <frank_rafaelsen_at_Sii-Fmn0qghNf7hQpgJqfnMJ6auoGy-4khc8NJW62EQNFCfoQAWJfk_IHhj4>
Date: Fri, 05 Jun 2009 11:52:28 -0000

First, I'd like to say that the last post was me blowing off steam (the joy of flogging). I'm happy that we get a new version of HQ, I'm happy we get the Sartar book and a new Prax book. Actually I'm happy with every new gloranthan product that sees the light of day.

But I would be even happier if the books on the west finally got their turn. It is not the most neglected region of glorantha, but certainly the one of the most anticipated.

> I can fully understand it.
> Doing books costs a lot of money, and when you get your money back by the
> sales of these great books, you have money again to make more books.
> But at first you have to make sure that the first bunch of books sell very
> well, so that there will be enaugh money to make the new books.
> Dragon Pass and Prax sell much better than other parts of Glorantha (belive
> me, i know what i am talking about... i can see it in the sales of Tradetalk
> magazine).

I believe you. But I don't find this very surprising actually. After all we probably don't have enough official material on the west to make gaming there an easy choice.

While there are probably good reasons for MD choices, for me as a lay man the fact that books cost money makes it even stranger that decide to write several new books in stead of finishing two that just need polishing (probably an understatement, but still).

Not trying to piss on anyone here, I've just waited so long for these books. And they have been so close, so many times...


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