Re: Delaying Malkioni books

From: Osentalka <Osentalka_at_4_BFJniisCM_OZI3daLMJ6lcpDL8fbLOBTK3WGPaj31lHXaG_CLRETYlXZFbrnhMEX>
Date: Fri, 5 Jun 2009 12:40:12 +0200

Jeff, any idea when the rewritten HQ1 books are in line to be published? Next year? The year after that?

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Subject: Re: Delaying Malkioni books

> As far as i understood the plan there will be
> - Sartar book
> - Pavis book
> - Whitewall book
> - Prax book
> THEN return to rewritten HQ1 manuscripts

Here's Moon Design's current release schedule for Gloranthan Heroquest: 1. Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes. Art and maps are being worked on. We hope to release it this summer.
2. Pavis Book. I am finishing up the text as we speak. Then off to art and layout.
3. Whitewall. Next on the list.
4. Prax Book.

Simon Bray and I have several cool projects in line after Whitewall. But pursuant to the Great Compromise, I can only speak of that which has been hammered down.

> The authors continue to point out that the Pavis book will not only be a
> reprint of old information, but also a lot of new stuff... (and maybe a
> capmaign like in the Sartar book?).

Damn straight. Old material is updated with plenty of new material. New, official versions of several cults not in the Sartar book. And lots of scenarios like in the Sartar book.


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