Re: HQ2 and Sartar: two steps in the right direction

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Concerning the HQ2 rules, Paolo might be right, maybe not...

But for Character Sheets i have to add that i always like to have predesigned Character Sheets ready.
In the past in run a LOT of scenarios as gaming conventions (not Tentacles or Continuum, but the "mixed" ones where all kind of roleplayers are around), and in retailer shops.
A Character Sheet, no matter how less actual CONTENT it has, it is the business card for a RPG.
If someone else is passing by a gaming table at a convention, the Character Sheets on the table tell him at first glance what kind of game is played here.
When the game is over and all the players, which most of the time have played HW / HQ for their first time, take their Character Sheets back home. Itīs recognisable design reminds him of what he was playing, how good it was, and provides all the notes he needs to track it down in a game store or at the internet (name of the game, company that publishes it, year it was published, maybe even an URL of the company).

When the header gives the name of the game in the same font also used at the front cover, and a footer which gives away the company name, date it was published and URL of the companies website, itīs okay with me if the ret of the provided Character Sheet is almost only a blank sheet of paper.

And it would be good if gaming sessions at conventions and at retailer shops would use the SAME character sheet (maybe modified by the narrator, according to his needs).

THAT`S why i prefer predesigned Character Sheets.


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> Paolo on character sheets
> >But this just confirms my overall comment: not for the inexperienced GM.
> I don't want to belabor the point, but I think an inexperienced GM
> would pay close attention to p.14 and make sure her players design
> their own personal character sheets that are useful for them. The
> three example character sheets reinforce the fact that character
> sheets are player-specific. (And are models for a group where both GM
> and players are inexperienced.)
> >As above: a game where you need to go to a forum to figure out how
> >to play it properly is not for beginners.
> I'm not entirely sure ANY RPG is for beginners.
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