Re: HQ2 and Sartar: two steps in the right direction

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Heck, if someone can supply me with a HeroQuest logo, I'd be happy to make a fumble-fisted attempt. It might even work as letterhead.

Guy (Hoyle)

On Sat, Jun 6, 2009 at 2:49 AM, Osentalka<> wrote:
> Concerning the HQ2 rules, Paolo might be right, maybe not...
> But for Character Sheets i have to add that i always like to have
> predesigned Character Sheets ready.
> In the past in run a LOT of scenarios as gaming conventions (not Tentacles
> or Continuum, but the "mixed" ones where all kind of roleplayers are
> around), and in retailer shops.
> A Character Sheet, no matter how less actual CONTENT it has, it is the
> business card for a RPG.
> If someone else is passing by a gaming table at a convention, the Character
> Sheets on the table tell him at first glance what kind of game is played
> here.
> When the game is over and all the players, which most of the time have
> played HW / HQ for their first time, take their Character Sheets back home.
> Itīs recognisable design reminds him of what he was playing, how good it
> was, and provides all the notes he needs to track it down in a game store or
> at the internet (name of the game, company that publishes it, year it was
> published, maybe even an URL of the company).
> When the header gives the name of the game in the same font also used at the
> front cover, and a footer which gives away the company name, date it was
> published and URL of the companies website, itīs okay with me if the ret of
> the provided Character Sheet is almost only a blank sheet of paper.
> And it would be good if gaming sessions at conventions and at retailer shops
> would use the SAME character sheet (maybe modified by the narrator,
> according to his needs).
> THAT`S why i prefer predesigned Character Sheets.
> Cheers
> André
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>> Paolo on character sheets
>> >But this just confirms my overall comment: not for the inexperienced GM.
>> I don't want to belabor the point, but I think an inexperienced GM
>> would pay close attention to p.14 and make sure her players design
>> their own personal character sheets that are useful for them. The
>> three example character sheets reinforce the fact that character
>> sheets are player-specific. (And are models for a group where both GM
>> and players are inexperienced.)
>> >As above: a game where you need to go to a forum to figure out how
>> >to play it properly is not for beginners.
>> I'm not entirely sure ANY RPG is for beginners.
>> --
>> David Dunham
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