Re: Changed magic in 2nd and 3rd Age

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_U_whBWygKgyASxX744Csr0pkk9Fpf_2zgbXn5kDh4vpC2AMmnsPRQh9Ve0UL2JhVVGUj>
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2009 08:33:13 -0000

> >.Let's look at this for the Orlanthi (since they are the best
> described magical culture in Glorantha).
> Yes, but I do think that fact also colours everything else in that we
> don't have a good, well-described version of any of the other magical
> cultures, and so may be drawing all sorts of the wrong implications from
> the constant appeal to authority by Orlanthi.

The Orlanthi, the Dara Happans/Lunars, and the Praxians are the best detailed Gloranthan cultures. I'd say a good 85%+ of what Greg has written pertains to these three cultures.

> Which of these gets you feats? Are those Type 2 quests that are just
> well known and well trod?

OK, we have radically rewritten feats for the new Gloranthan rules. A feat is an ability to heroform a god from the myth. They are no longer discret little "spells" but wide ranging and powerful "scripted" abilities.

> Now, are heroquests "theist" or "animist"? Since Orlanthi worship is
> mixed, presumably these are either both, or different for different
> days, or something.

Orlanthi religion is mixed but most Orlanthi heroquests are "theist". Just as most Orlanthi worship is "theist" (even if most Orlanthi also know charms and spells).


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