Changed magic in 2nd and 3rd Age

From: L C <lightcastle_at_F1TM3eAH5lbtzwYIxgcpJL6rJ6vdi-GfuLl_WVwYuhL22F56cUcb32HCt3mgN0aZ>
Date: Sun, 07 Jun 2009 00:45:55 -0400

So in reading the lovely review of Glorantha: The Second Age here in Mythopoeia
I was reminded of a question I've had concerning 2nd vs 3rd Age Glorantha.

The review mentions that placing it back in the 2nd age has as an advantage that "it explains the changes in the RQ magic systems between the third and fourth editions (for example, in the new RQ sorcery has become far more powerful than it was before. This makes sense, as the second age was the age of high sorcery, arrogantly turning its back on the ancient spirit powers and gods);"

So, a question. Is this the general consensus? Does magic, especially sorcery, work differently in the different ages? I'm not thinking mechanically here, but rather a serious difference in how it is accessed, how it works, and what it can do? Could a third-age sorcerer who learned enough duplicate God Learner sorcery? Did theism work differently? I know some have decided that the idea of physical "runes" you find represents a difference of magic in the ages. I haven't read enough of the RuneQuest rules to decide what I think about that.

I'm inclined to think magic didn't really change overmuch in how you do it, but am intrigued by the idea and could be convinced.
(I may have missed an earlier discussion on this, in which case I
apologize for bringing it up again.)


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