Re: Changed magic in 2nd and 3rd Age

From: L C <lightcastle_at_yiaNMurp6CWD-ZF-kp_FUw_Hp7GCwgG_F_vEtKSu4Q1GgrXJ4nXhGiE9Ze6RCDgI>
Date: Sat, 20 Jun 2009 03:41:28 -0400 wrote:

>>I always figured they felt somewhat different. It sounds like only
>>Theists do the whole "Re-enact the myth" in quite the way it gets
>>told to us.

I lean a bit more to this approach these days.

>The difference is one of viewpoint. The theist is taking the place
>of a greater being. The animist is being themselves and dealing
>with greater and lesser beings.

Which seems much less rote following of myth.

>>The Monotheist experience seems a bit more abstract.
>That may be more a distinction between the wizard and the sorcerer.
>The wizard is emulating the saint who took that path before. This
>may explain why people like the Aeolians end up worshipping gods as

I like that interpretation.

>Certainly. You could also have a theistic culture which believes the
>gods walk the earth. I suspect that such cultures would be small and
>primitive because most shamans and godi can differentiate between
>the material world and the heroplane. Heros (e.g. PCs) will learn to
>do so but the average Gloranthan is often unsure.

And, using Julian's logic, just because someone outside that culture would be able to say "yes, this is obviously 'otherworld' now" doesn't make it actually true.


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