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Simon Phipp:
> L C:
> > Now, the Rokari seem very big on "You are born in your caste and
> > you
> > stay in your caste".
> They aren't the only ones. Someone had an example of a Brithini
> Ruler or Wizard caste memebr who starved to death because his cook
> had been killed and cooking was something done by another caste,
> whihc is a lovely idea.

Oh, yes, that sounds like the Brithini!

[About the Rokari:]
> However, it all depends on the way it is interpreted. Are the wizard
> caste the only ones who can cast magic? I'd say no. Are they the
> only ones who can do funky things with magic? Yes. In Glorantha,
> magic is pervasive and I can't see a whole swathe of a society meing
> unable ot use magic at all.

I completely agree. Well, apart from the Brithini, who really are strange like that.

> The other way of looking at it is that in the Rokari system you are
> born to your caste, so someone in the wizard caste who is rubbish at
> magic cannot do anything else.

Rokari wizards are infused with the power of God by virtue of their bloodline, so that one's not generally a problem. Of course, they can be rubbish at other aspects of being a wizard (the whole celibacy thing, for instance, can be a burden).

> Similarly, someone born to be a knight who cannot fight, hates the
> sight of blood and is allergic to horses needs to be put in a
> position where he can do no harm. I'm sure there are special posts
> created for exactly those kinds of people.

Knights are raised from infancy to get used to that sort of thing, although being allergic to horses does rather dent your career prospects, I agree. But, yes, that sort of thing must still happen occasionally.

> Nobles who can't lead, however, are fine exactly where they are.

Not least because few people would dare point it out to them.

[About Loskalm:]
> Move up the System or stay where you are best suited. The Loskalmi
> seem to have a very mobile caste structure, but I'm sure there would
> be glass ceilings in place for all sorts of people. Imagine a Simon
> Cowell-type figure dashing the hopes of a prospective Wizard.


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