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I'm trying not to give too much away about the contents of LotW at the moment, until it's clear where it stands, so apologies if my answers are brief.

> And the more I think about it, the more sense it makes for many
> Saintly
> orders to consider themselves knights in the caste system.

In most cases, knights are just members of the warrior caste. The Rokari don't believe in any of this Hrestoli nonsense, after all!

> the fact that the high members of the
> order cast spells like Wizards doesn't change the fact they're
> knights.

They don't really cast spells like wizards; the saintly orders and the wizardry school are quite different in most respects. Sure, they cast spells, but in many places, even commoners can do that. They just don't get the range of magic that professional wizards do. (In rules terms, they typically have only one grimoire, whereas wizards usually have at least two, and often more).

> I like that. In fact, I can see orders of Dormal or Xemela also
> being
> knights in some places - at least legally.

In some places, yes, although it's not common. Loskalm's a bit weird in that regard, of course, and many members of their "knight" class aren't combat-oriented at all.

> Other places might view
> Priestly orders as simply made up of many different castes doing
> their job for one goal.

Even among the Rokari, that's an accurate description of the clergy. All the senior and mid-ranking members of the clergy are wizards, of course, and have the best magic, but the bottom rung includes commoners, knights, and nobles.

> Quick question. In your view, are saintly orders more similar across
> malkioni sect lines, or different?

It depends. (Actually, I have an article in an upcoming issue of Tradetalk that partially addresses this question).

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