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>> You have said several times before that, among the Rokari, the 
>> leaders of
>> religious services have to belong to the same caste as their 
>> congregation.

> The Professor asks (and greg begs): "Source?"
> I would like to see the source to qualify or greg myself on this
> point.

HQ1 p. 158 is the first source that comes to mind. Actually it says "most" liturgists, and doesn't specifically mention the Rokari, but I'd imagine they're unlikely to be an exception on something like this. (I might be wrong, or it might be that you didn't even write this bit, of course). And it does, on re-reading it, add the qualification that liturgists are not necessarily clergy.


>> Now, these low-ranking liturgists are not your full-blown sorcerer
>> types
>> (most of them can't even read - they just know a few blessings 
>> they've
>> learned by rote), but they are 'clergy' in the sense in which I 
>> mean it.

> >
> >
> You are 100% right in this.
> Importantly: they are a key link in the Rokari pyramid scheme of
> Veneration.

Absolutely. It seems we are in agreement about the facts (if not the terminology) after all!

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