Common Wizardry

From: markmohrfield <markmohrfield_at_8X0l1Zr6NN0XzKvL8YiVb7MIn-3SskUOlK3FFRFiCGx3F6twjieQ5MhzY_VVUb>
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 2009 13:33:08 -0000

According to the new rules, Divine Magic has "common magic" accessable to lay members, and Spirit Magic has charms available to Spirit Worshippers. The section of Wizardry, however, only seems to talk about what magic Adept-level characters get. Is there an equivalent to "common magic" in Wizardry? The Sartar book character creation sample seems to indicate that one can learn spells independently of Grimoires.
                                                 Mark Mohrfield 


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