Illusion Rune and Entertainers

From: Benedict Adamson <yahoo_at_X6g5LKpSeOQhXZe4JBW2ljAnBJFsbpe3YI1QJ44-B0kM-P39uRdmUBgAvoz15nyOE-CGeW>
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 2009 21:27:44 +0100

Traditionally, the Illusion rune has been taken to apply to entertainers, a connection I've come to think was rather strained in many cases. Why not the Life or Harmony runes, for making people happy? Or the Magic rune to transporting people to a different world? A case could be made for acting being Illusion, but music and painting?

The (Tentacles draft of the) Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes book provides short descriptions of the core runes. The description for the Illusion rune does not mention entertainers of any kind.

Does that omission indicate a change in thinking? Or is it just the constraint of word-count?            

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