Re: Why are the New Hills new?

From: Christopher Graves <chrphrgrv_at_mpgcXbcB6_n6NOz7Lmhm-FA3edllRkAaEEKocSS6YqlpQ0PuIbmEsoBxTtjKs7gHYe>
Date: Sat, 25 Jul 2009 06:39:48 -0000

Hey Donald, I took a look at the map you referred to in your post. While the outline of the SPH is the same it does not show detail on the level of the various sets of hills in the Far Place. So who knows. Also, there is some confusion about the location of Salor that I have encountered before. I have some sources stating that Old Salor is the EWF city under Alda-Chur. I have found 'plain' Salor in two other locations on various maps from other sources, one being the one you mentioned. The other placed Salor further down the River from where your map shows it. I would assume that yours is the most definitive source for the location of Salor being that it is official material and the latest published. So anyway, I think once again it is up in the air about just how early one has to date the origin of the New Hills.

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