Why is the Wenelian tradition anti-bird?

From: pavyr <nick.the.nevermet_at_3wsaD_We9FNhAFgwGcWdFApM_cifVpZ89sI1QxxFEfDSdkldaJZAKfxQ3l>
Date: Thu, 13 Aug 2009 17:41:09 -0000

This is an admittedly minor question that got under my skin a few days back when I noticed it for the first time in BoG: Why is the Wenelian Tradition devoid of birds? I understand the statement about no insectoid totems, but it's not as intuitive to me why a similar ban exists for birds, while aquatice life gets a 'very rarely' middling ruling.

Obviously, I can invoke IMG, but I'd like the detail if it exists. As a guess, I suspect it has to do with Dokal and Oak Woman's connection to the land and the forest, but thats a rather vague statement.            

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