Re: Who is Tosti Runefriend?

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Date: Thu, 15 Oct 2009 19:42:34 -0000

> If no one can hold forth on him I am also interested in being pointed to any publication that may shed some light.

Tosti Runefriend receives major attention in the Sartar Companion (coming out early 2010). Here's his official summary:

Tosti Runefriend
One of the younger priests of the Jonstown Knowledge Temple, Tosti comes from a wealthy family of the Torkani Tribe. He is a well-traveled Knowing Man, who has been to Kralorela and is wise in the ways of dragons and foreign magic. Tall and strong, he is an expert wrestler. If his expertise is questioned at any time, he sarcastically advises the petitioner to go to the East to get their own answers. He often asks visitors to tell him tales of other lands or strange magic before letting them get onto their own business. He is extremely jealous of Minaryth Purple, and pouts if visitors indicate they have worked with or received information from Minaryth in the past.

Tosti always dresses in gray robes decorated with dark gray runes. He has several dozen robes with different patterns, but few ever notice they are not the same ones. When traveling or otherwise expecting danger, he wears his magical Three-Eye Amulet and the enchanted Chasuble of Jarrath Weavemaker.            

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