Re: Preorders for buying Sartar Kingdom ofHeroes at Dragonmeet 2009!

From: Paul King <paul_at_TvP_i0UUkM69phJ2_gCe11yVun8dIqGPA3Txh2gfa3_eauUvJ8O6n8yi7AwHxGZmoVU5CWP>
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 2009 14:57:03 +0000

On 12 Nov 2009, at 14:42, Jeff wrote:
> First, you can buy the book at Dragonmeet for 50 Euros. No shipping,
> no handling. Or you can wait until the book shows up at Leisure
> Games or another game store.
> Second, the book is BIG. 50 Euros is perfectly reasonable for a book
> of this size (Rogue Trader was going for 65 Euros at the Essen Spiel
> - I do go to the trade fairs to see how other companies do their
> pricing). This book contains more pure, refined Gloranthan gold than
> old the books over the last ten years combined. And that is not even
> counting the art and the maps.

To put that into context, Rogue Trader is 35 at Leisure Games, which comes to less than 40 Euros according to the Universal Currency Converter. You should be very careful with price comparisons when currency exchange is involved.

On a personal note, having the pre-release version and currently undergoing a period of financial uncertainty, I may well wait until things clear up before getting the full version.

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