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Does this mean that some of the Olodo were theists worshipping the Theyalan pantheon (possibly plus some local gods and spirits on the side), whereas others worshipped local gods and spirit cults. Or did most individual Olodo practise mixed worship, in the same way that some of the island peoples in Blood over Gold do (or should that be did, if the rewrite of Wenelian religion extends to them too?)

Also if individual Olodo didn't practice mixed worhip much, did the division between those who were theists and those who were animists break down on tribal or clan lines, or do individual tribes and/or clans make a point of having some priests and some shamans?

Is it like how all Orlanthi are theists but it is an 'Orlanthi all', as there are also some shamanic practices which are an accepted part of their culture (Kolat is the best known, but it it isn't the only such practice?), and whose followers are still an accepted (if eccentric?) part of a clan and tribe?

At a more general level, in which theistic cultures (if any?) is it acceptable for an initate (or devotee?) to be a casual or occasional worshipper in a shamanic practice which is part of the same culture as the theistic cult -- can initiates meet with a shaman who has ties to their clan to worship in a 'friendly' spirit cult on that spirit's holy day (or as a one-off for a particular purpose)? Can they trade with a 'friendly' shaman to acquire a charm or fetish and use and keep it afterwards without their priest disapproving?

I am afraid I haven't read the Kolat write-up in the recent volume on Sartar, which I expect goes a long way towards explaining this issue, at least as it applies to the Heortlings.

Richard Hayes

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> Is there any information about these Old Way Olodo? Where exactly have they settled? What is their religion?

That's straight out of the History of Jrustela in "Middle Sea Empire" (pages 8-11). As they came from Dawn Age Slontos, they probably worshiped a combination of spirit cults, local gods, and the Theyalan pantheon.


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