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From: Jeff <richaje_at_-Ys66ffbBuoXb0kmXOrt3AffGD3L0eNe1_EXWcW8ZksCv9p-NaZ7kFMPhxrg-E-Bbw8i>
Date: Wed, 25 May 2011 15:39:15 -0000

> Does�this mean that some of the Olodo�were theists worshipping the Theyalan pantheon (possibly plus some local gods and spirits on the side), whereas others worshipped local gods and spirit cults. Or did most individual Olodo practise mixed worship, in the same way that some of the island peoples�in Blood over Gold do (or should that be did, if the rewrite of Wenelian religion extends to them too?)

Most people recognize some mixture of gods, spirits, and essential principles. So yes, the Olodo religion probably had a mixture of Theyalan gods with local gods and spirit cults. Presumably they had some sort of adulthood initiation rite (that "activates" their runes) and a mix of divine cults and spirit cults.

> Also if individual Olodo didn't practice mixed worhip much, did the division between those who were theists and those who were animists break down on tribal or clan lines, or do individual tribes and/or clans make a point of having some priests and some shamans?

OK, here's a point that I want to make very strongly: most Gloranthans mix things up. Frex, the Orlanthi mainly dedicate themselves to divine entities BUT almost every Orlanthi also knows some spirit charms or some "wise man" magic. Very few Orlanthi specialize in talking to the spirits, but some do.

So the Olodo might have followed the Three Stone Rites, which shows children how to become adults and have several active cults amongst them including Orlanth and Ernalda, the Mistress Green Tree spirit society, the Father Mralot spirit society, the Howling Wind cult (now joined with Orlanth and Ernalda), the Heler Rainman cult, and the Akasharic Wise Men (an ancient lineage of wise men who hand down their secrets from master to student, never numbering more than a score but always having great respect from the rest of the community). Something like that.


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