Danger Will Robinson, Danger, Danger

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Maybe YGWV
Licenses and Laws do not
I simply wish to emphasize Ian's point
Danger Will Robinson, Danger, Danger

On Tue, May 24, 2011 at 2:38 PM, ian_hammond_cooper < ian_hammond_cooper_at_jRmQG9vOGf8XyhyKU2Qqs1IcECGm7ZDUpjgNAiV7B5itNmCI_fMci-qQ-8rxC9RK5LkLRqBvnWn_oTbNENeUQ2CnfFV-gw.yahoo.invalid> wrote:

> > SRD is a System Reference Document. MRQ1 was OGL with an SRD and so let
> the cat out of the bag with many previously Gloranthan-only terms such as
> Dragonewts, Gorp, Runes (just the names, not the depictions) and so forth.
> That means that 3rd-party publishers can use those terms in their products.
> Because you can change anything in an SRD, you are not bound to follow it
> (i.e. you can tweak the rules or re-write them completely), but it does
> allow you access to some words which would otherwise be Intellectual
> Property (IP).
> <
> Danger Will Robinson, Danger, Danger
> This is a pretty good picture of the difference between uninformed fan
assumptions and a careful reading of available documents

> The inclusion of a term in an SRD under the OGL does not guarantee you a
> right to it, only that the publisher of the SRD grants you rights to use
> their IP. Just because Mongoose include a reference to it does not mean
> that you gain rights to Issaries IP. Issaries would have to do that. As for
> the various OSS software licenses that do not exempt you from patents,
> inclusion in the SRD does not grant you access to non-Mongoose IP unless
> Issaries was explicit.

In fact, the OGL under Mongoose is especially restrictive concerning Glorantha.

> This is really off-topic, but I just wanted folks to exercise caution. I
> would discuss with Issaries privately if you want to use their IP

thank you Ian

Greg Stafford
Game Designer

Greg Stafford
Game Designer

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