Re: Daxdarius

From: Jeff <richaje_at_fIFHa37J84XlsIUqmfnpeZKNFdE6DOhOH1lZxYR7mmDvmqO_SH3_X2bFJAQalNGmlIU7>
Date: Fri, 06 Jan 2012 06:56:55 -0000

> > /// Death and Harmony do make an interesting mix. Polaris could have these runes ; I'm not too sure about Daxdarious. But why not ?

Polaris has Sky and Stasis. He's the unmoving Pole Star. And Stasis has more military application than you might guess.

Daxdarius is worshipped by a few regiments in Eastern Carmania and as a city patron in Doblian. He's probably associated with Death, or maybe Sky and Death.


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