Re: Arstola Elves & Trade (was: Re: What do humans trade with Elves?)

From: Nick the Nevermet <nick.the.nevermet_at_RR3XgrXze9pQxe8NSL9_8DJht0qmdF-qs7kVDZauqLQHfvjMPfQufd0d4P>
Date: Mon, 09 Jan 2012 20:29:19 -0000

While I agree with this as far as it goes, the reforestation plan does not explain the origin of an ancient Human-Elf trading ground that is now controlled by an upstart and foreign Malkioni sect. Also, I hesitate to make a trading ground _nothing_ but an Aldryami plot to take over Maniria. Maybe I'm too confident in Asharan abilities, but I'd imagine trading in bad faith like that is something the Trader Princes would detect. I'm sure the reforesting plot is involved, but I also suspect 'real' trade is happening, due to a combination of Aldryami need, human demand & ability, and the presence of a magical site for ritual trade.

> I like the seasonal ritual ideas, but a fixed schedule seems way
> too mostali... the elves will have a "trading season" which
> requires complex observation of weather, temperature, and the local
> plant and wildlife to figure out. There is probably a grimouir
> devoted entirely to figuring out when and where the trade
> opportunities will occur.

That sounds about right. Trader Princes, Wizards, and Sorcerers will spend lifetimes trying to map out the timing of Aldryami trade. However, Aldryami just intuitively know when the key change in the song is coming. I suspect human shamans of Vorlan and members of the Oak Woman Practice would have a clue too, but that's a different (and highly speculative) rant.            

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