RE: An unexpected gloranthan movie

From: martin.helsdon <martin.helsdon_at_WXIyENuwfN0N5i3Wx74WoscjkZJp7mFUQwssa4b_8-jBDJ-nD18iK_2oIrrzh>
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2012 22:22:53 -0000

> The story itself is pretty conventional, the actors not so good, and
> course the christians are but a bunch of murdering thugs (as usual
these days).
> But, this movie has some very surprising scenes and deserves your
> - at least the first half-hour.

It's not a bad movie, though it does seriously tone down the atrocities in Alexandria, and how Hypatia was killed, that given by a Greek Christian church historian, Socrates Scholasticus' version -- the closest to the time of her murder -- would have been too nasty for a modern audience to stomach. None of her original works have survived.

As a Neoplatonist philosopher, in Gloranthan terms, she might be a New Hrestoli Idealist killed by a mob of Rokari fundamentalists.            

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