Re: Xeotam dialogues

From: Charles <charles_at_ltrNqKmJhC3B_aGRztI556A31OsKMfqz4kGdUqLmekt-RcypB0UaHmwAX9Oous03PUPg>
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2012 22:57:57 -0000

> For spells in the 'Xeotam' mould, if they are invoking
> specific named magical entities to do their work, why
> not go the whole hog and use Jack Vance/ Doctor Strange
> style spell names? The Magical Eye of Zetro (Analyse
> Magic), The Puissant Envenomation of Serash (poison
> target), etc.

One important point of getting a Command Kolati [Name] spell is that it gives the caster flexibility that is not available in the spell Use Wind to Close Door.


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