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chris jensen romer wrote:
> I was just reading S:KoH p.29 and noted male Orlanthi need a long knife, spear, hard hat, shield and sword to vote in a weapon taking. Should that be spear or sword? I imagined swords as rather rare status items primarily held by thanes some huscarls and mercenaries or as heirlooms?
I imagine the intent is that any Orlanthi male capable of handling a decent weapon is able to vote. - "man", for these purposes, including Vingans. So, if, in your campaign, most men don't have swords, a stout spear will be perfectly acceptable. OTOH, the intent also appears to be that swords are relatively common among Heortlings, which is a bit surprising, if so, but ripe ground for "YGWV" without affecting very much else, I would have thought.

It may, of course, vary from clan to clan; wealthier clans in fertile lowland or close to mines may have lots of smiths and easy access to swords, while those in the highlands may rely heavily on spears. For that matter, there are bound to be a few weird clans that favour axes or maces, or something (because they're keen on Maran Gor or Argan Argar, say).

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