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On 2/11/2012 8:40 AM, chris jensen romer wrote:
> One of my players just asked me what the Carmanian attitude to Shargash, and the city of Alkoth is. While I could give him a good overview of Carmanian and Dara Happan relations in the Second and Third Age, the nature of relations with Alkoth and the Cult of Shargash did puzzle me. I can see the Carmanians regarding Shargashi in similar ways to Spolite darkness witches: yet there must be some acceptance of the cult?

I think the Carmanians believe that Shargash is a servant of GanEstoro and that his worshippers and the city of Alkoth are evil. That they are also terrifying and tough means that the Carmanians usually put aside the question of wiping them out tooth and nail for another century. How they will be treated also varies. A lone Shargashi in Carmania will be executed as the servant of the lie he clearly is. A Carmanian hazar encountering a Shargashi in a strange land would be more inclined to parley and avoid hostilities.

> Also the great historical enmity between Darjinn and Alkoth - what is the source for that?

It goes back to the Glorious ReAscent. The Darjiinians enthroned an Emperor during the reign of Manarlavus and the Emperor in response unleashed Shargash to sort them out. I don't believe the Shargashi have any particular objection as such to Darjiinians but that the Dara Happans generally do and when the tensions reach a certain level, the Emperor releases Shargash against them. The Emperor could in theory also unleash Shargash against other people such as the Sylilans, the Talastari or the Kostaddi but those people don't represent any real threat to Dara Happan morality and thus there's little need to unleash Shargash.

> I will have loads more questions while I'm preparing the 7 mothers game, but the actual rite of the 7 mothers, the Heroquest - has it ever been published or any hints as to how it went?

All that's been said it was a version of the Lightbringers' quest. The Seven Mothers thought they were performing a great curse to destroy the Carmanian Empire but ended up with something different.

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