Re: Carmanian Attitudes to Shargash?

From: Jeff <richaje_at_FAnhgo4oSwtHW_7KvzxastksgCynVskWNwqP4kud9R7J75MrIp3878uL_05BTINM5Eom>
Date: Sat, 11 Feb 2012 08:12:37 -0000

> I think the Carmanians believe that Shargash is a servant of GanEstoro
> and that his worshippers and the city of Alkoth are evil. That they are
> also terrifying and tough means that the Carmanians usually put aside
> the question of wiping them out tooth and nail for another century. How
> they will be treated also varies. A lone Shargashi in Carmania will be
> executed as the servant of the lie he clearly is. A Carmanian hazar
> encountering a Shargashi in a strange land would be more inclined to
> parley and avoid hostilities.

I agree that the Carmanian viziers classify Shargash as evil and forbids *Carmanians* from worshiping it. That being said, Carmania is part of the Lunar Empire and the Emperor allows the city of Alkoth to worship evil demons. An Alkothi in Oronin or Karasal satrapies is not going to run into trouble, period. An Alkothi in the West Reaches is probably forbidden from offering sacrifices and worship to his evil demon (except at one of the temples subject to Dara Happan religious law and not the viziers).


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