Sir Meriatan and the Doors of Iron

From: Daniel <von_das_at_pRIimJn4cXBn1vv2LWc09afXq1KBs0pCDzk4qXGUgoW2Riu8Fqwh0dKcPVABfXLpbYFr>
Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2012 18:45:50 -0000

One of the discussions on the old Glorantha Digest briefly mentioned Sir Meriatan going through something called the Doors of Iron on his heroquests, presumably in pursuit of more power and secrets to use against the Kingdom of War. That's the only mention of the Doors of Iron that I've encountered, however. I'm curious if someone might be able to shed more light on this subject?

Also, the name itself rather makes me think of the Mostali...

I'm rather curious about Meriatan's Heroquesting in general, as it seems to be the latest example of the (in)famous Western experimental heroquesting tradition. Arkat, the God Learners and perhaps Sir Ethilrist seem to come to mind in this connection, and indeed I've seen Meriatan be accused of God Learnerism before (then again, nobody is safe from that particular accusation, it would seem).

He's probably not that far gone yet, of course, but is he basically heading into the Hero Planes and meddling in theistic heroquests for war and profit?

Daniel Adamov            

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