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Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2012 17:12:45 +0000 (GMT)

For my part, I thought the idea that Tusk-riders were half-human, half-troll was a common and understandable misconception -- they look a bit like a human/troll hybrid would look (and in the early days of the Trollkin curse, somebody might have tried just such an experiment), but they weren't.  
I base this largely on the material in Elder Secrets of Glorantha (which I haven't looked at for ages), because I do remember that source identifying the human origins of the Aramites (and the origin of the cult of the Bloody Tusk, which celebrated Aram's victory over Gouger, assisted by a demonic ally), but I don't remember anything about the Aramites breeding with Trolls. I also remebmer something about Aram being a/the representative of humans on the Council that gave rise to Gbaji/Nysalor. Did this mean that the Aramites once supported Nysalor/Gbaji? Or did they back out early on?  
However if I missed something and the name "Half-trolls" has a proper historical basis (If so, do Tusk-riders mostly breed true amongsat themselves, or do they carry off captives from either of the other races  now?) , when and how did this happen?  
Who is Varankol the Mangler? If the Tusk-riders acquired the Troll-like appearance in some other way, what is the story behind that?  
Finally the early RQ featured a shapechanging race of werepigs ("Tusk Brothers"?) Do they still exist in Canon, or are they an early prototype for what are now the Pig Hsunchen, called Mraloti and/or another name (Entruli?).  
Are there some Mraloti who shapechange 'naturally' like Telmori, or do they merely have the ability to change some or all of their body inot its porcine equivalent using Charms (or Feats?) like other Hsunchen?   
Also were the Aramites once Pig Hsunchen themselves, albeit a very, very long time ago?  
Richard Hayes

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Subject: Re: Pavis Book update - just a few weeks to go

I'm more irritated by the implication that the Aramites were anything but pig-loving humans in the First and early Second Age. I think that the distinctive halftroll look started with Varankol the Mangler.

If that KoDP episode can be trusted, they have an adoption rite which turns a human into a tusk rider that even breeds true. I think that Varankol pioneered that method.

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